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Considerations for Safety in your
Medical Trip


(1) Only work with highly experienced, senior surgeons

(2) Make sure you will have a comfortable stay

(3) Your On Site Care & Assistance is critical

(4) Protect yourself with solid guarantees and follow Up Care

(5) Do not put yourself at risk by going for the least expensive

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Fundamental #1: Only work with highly experienced, senior surgeons *

A Medical tourism experience is a serious decision to make. It is a surgery - before being a vacation package. You must require SENIOR board certified professionals with decades of experience.

Good medical tourism operators carefully screen and select the best doctors for procedures.

Senior surgeons have seen hundreds of cases similar to yours and know what the optimal course of action is to meet/exceed your expectations. Nothing beats experience.

Fundamental #2: Make sure you will have a comfortable stay *

You must require a clinic with international personnel speaking your language so you feel at ease. All facilities must be modern and audited on a regular basis.

Your Hotel must be at least a 3 to 4 Star Hotel with good comfort, an international Help desk, good Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Internet...) and Entertainment (in room DVD players...) as you will be spending a lot of time there in your first 5 to 6 days post surgery.

Fundamental #3: Your On Site Care & Assistance is critical *

Understand that it is easy to "feel lost" when you are in a foreign country. This, coupled with the psychological aspect of being about to have a surgery, puts patients in an anxious state in the first 1-2 days on site.

As such, you should always:

(1) Ensure that you will get a lot of "hand-holding" from a dedicated personal assistant, speaking your language
(2) Be able to reach him/her at all times for all medical/non medical requests
(3) Be able to get psychological support and help when you need it most

Adequate all inclusive packages combine first class medical treatments and relaxation packages.

Read more about Experience Managers here:

Fundamental #4: Protect yourself with solid guarantees and follow Up Care *

You MUST request rigorous on site follow up care, post surgery. Your experience manager should guide you through all post operative check ups, to ensure that your recovery is tightly controlled.

You must also ensure that your medical provider offers you a GUARANTEE in case of unsatisfactory results.

This guarantee should cover all medical costs associated with a re-intervention as well as all on-site expenses.

Read more about Our Guarantee policy here:

Fundamental #5: Do not put yourself at risk by going for the least expensive *

You must realize that choosing a medical provider on the basis of cost alone (i.e. "the best offer") WILL expose you to serious risks, as that provider likely cut corners somewhere (inexperienced junior surgeons, low-level clinics, little assistance...).

It is better do pay a little more and get a lot more; than pay a little less and get a lot less...
Remember: Your face and body are not on sale.

Read more about our Medical professionals and centers here:


Abroad, you can expect to find affordable plastic surgery, affordable gastric bypass .

The plastic surgery cost of your Brazil surgery is up to 75% less than USA rates and you will have access to leading board certified Brazil surgeons.

We offer plastic surgery in Brazil surgery packages, gastric bypass in Brazil, lap band in Brazil and gastric banding in Brazil.

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